Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Patch your Toms Shoes

Like everyone else out there who owns a pair of TOMS shoes, the first thing to go is the front where you lovely toe nail bust through the fabric.
Most people just wear them that way, I decided to change my Toms up a little.
I actually did this at the beginning of summer, but never got a round to posting the tutorial.
Since then I have seen several others have done the same thing. Loved their versions also!!
This, is how I patched my TOMS, at the beginning of summer.
You will need
~TOMS shoes
~liquid stitch
~cloth for patching
~fabric for covering front of shoe

First you need to patch the hole in the front of your shoe, I used the black fabric pictured above. Any fabric will work.

I cut two strips of fabric then with the liquid stitch I adhered them to the shoe covering the hole.

Next I covered the front area with the lace fabric and cut the portion I needed to cover the whole area.

I started by gluing the section close to the sole first and then worked my way up to the seam on top of the shoe.


You can see the liquid stitch in this photo.

Once the entire piece of fabric was glued down I slathered liquid stitch over the entire piece of fabric and rubbed it in with my fingers.
Making sure to secure the edges down, giving it a nice seal.

Drying ( I wish they would have stayed exactly like this color wise)

Dried completely.

Thoughts on the project.

I loved the lace fabric I used to recover my TOMS, but after applying the liquid stitch it was more see through then I wanted.

If I would have known the fabric would have been so transparent I would have used a piece of red fabric to patch holes instead of black!!!?

After wearing these ALOT over the summer, I have found the liquid stitch to have held up very well, I have even washed them. Air dry only.  And the fabric is still secure with no lifting are piling.

I have received many compliments on them, and was even asked if they were a special addition.

This is a quick and easy fix, the possibilities are endless with choices of fabric available.

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Kat Valdez said...

i want to try this out!!! :)

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Willie Ames said...

Great DIY! Definitely want to try out.

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