Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What I Wore......Hot Pink Vintage Dress

I have been longing to wear this dress, for almost two years.
It was a sponsored giveaway from

dress- Vintage, Gloria Vanderbelt
necklace/belt/cuff/shoes- Gifted

Y'all Come Back,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I Wore...Wedding Addition

The day I wore The Perfect Dress.
After looking at more websites then I care to mention, including pinterest. I decided to look at eShakti, I had read several post about the company, and browsed their site a time or two. But this time I needed a dress, the perfect dress.

You see, for 5 months I have been planning a wedding, literally planned it, made everything for it, found location, hired photographer, planned a menu,  decorated the church and hall... you get the idea!!
And I was directing the wedding party, so I knew I would be in some type of spot light.
And for that reason I needed a perfect dress.

I was VERY nerves about ordering a dress online. At the time I was still nursing Cohen, which means my body was not the shape it would be in, in 2 months.  But I threw caution to the wind, took my measurements and ordered the dress.

When it came in I was shocked at how perfect it fit. The quality of the material is  exquisite, and it shipped from India (I love getting foreign mail). I wanted something that said, I'm not the mother of the bride, but I'm not just a friend either. And I think this dress fit that role perfectly. It was a perfect length, mid calve, so I could run around and not worry about flashing anyone. And those perfect nude pumps, KILLED my feet. I will NOT be wearing those again. There a size 8, if you want them leave a comment and we can work out some arrangements. No I am not kidding.

Me & The Hub's
The DRESS -eShakti
Hub's Outfit- JCPenny ($68 including tie)
Hub's Shoes- Dillard's

Me & The Bride

My Hair, I loved it.
My stylist did a perfect job.

Y'all Come Back,


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