Monday, April 11, 2011

Homemade Baby Wipes

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I have been making my own wipes since Judah was born almost two years ago.
I have had a few people ask me about how
 I make them and what I use.
So I decided a blog post was in order.

And I have included pictures.
Mainly because I am a visual person.

I use a plastic container,
this one is a shoe box size.
I actually got it for free, you can't go wrong with free stuff.

Then I take this roll of BOUNTY select a size paper towels. And I tear each one off.
I get two batches of wipes out of one roll. And I only use Bounty any other brand will NOT work, I have tried .Don't waste your money.

After you tear all the paper towels off you should have two piles about 30-40 paper towels per stack.

I like to take one stack of towels and divide it into four.

These are the products we need next
Olive oil, Essential oil, spoon,
and measuring cup
I am using the orange oil right now.

 I got it from,
LOVE their sight. Here is a link to the Essential Oil Beginner's pack
which is what I have
Put 5-8 drops essential oil, and 1 tbl. olive oil in measuring cup, then add 1 cup of boiling water.
 if you don't boil  the water the wipes will start to mold.

Pour this mixer over half of the paper towels. Mix up another batch of oil and water, then pour over remaining half of paper towels.

And your finished 3 products and a container.

Items Needed:
1 roll Bounty Paper Towels
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
10-20 Drops Essential Oil
2 cups Boiled Water

Plastic Container
Measuring Cup

~measure 2 cups water and put on to boil
~place 1 tablespoon olive oil & 8-10 drops    essential oil in measuring cup
~place 1/4 stack paper towels in container
~pour 1 cup boiled water into measuring cup
Pour half of this over paper towels, place another 1/4 stack of towels in container and pour remaining water mixer.
~measure 1 tablespoon olive oil, 8-10 drops essential oil, and 1 cup water.AGAIN
~place 1/4 paper towels in container pour half of mixture, place remaining 1/4 of paper towels and pour the last of the water mixture.
~ place lid on container and let sit for a few hours.


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shopannies said...

definetly a great tip and way to save money

aStarToSteerHerBy said...

awesome! seems so simple and probably saves a lot of money!

Family Fashion and Facts said...

FABULOUS idea! LOVE it! ALL about saving money! I am a new follower from eisy morgan! would LOVE for you to check my blog out!

thanks! I LOVE meeting new bloggy friends!