The Inside Scoop

 Hey Y'all,

      The name's Jessica, I am married to "The Man" who is a Secondary Ed. History Teacher. I home school our kiddo's, we have 4 & a basset named Murray . We know God has a call on our lives, where we're headed nobody knows, but in the mean time The Man is working on his License to preach (second level) and I am working on becoming a Certified Minister (level one).
   I have had a desire for photography ever sense our oldest was born, but never put much stock into it, this year I hope to change that my taking classes at a local college, & second shooting with a local photographer.

Our oldest, the ONLY girl!
(yes she is 11, enjoying the baby float)

There is NEVER a dull moment.

                                          Our oldest son,
  he's 9,
  still enjoy's being in character,
  & Star Wars

"the man Jr."
thinks he's the boss
LOVES lego's (ages 9-12 only NOT those baby ones!!)

Yea he's 3?? & the clown of the family!!

This, is my BABY.
Pure sweetness!
His first word?..........


yes, he has older brothers how did you know? 

We call this, the prison shot!!!

though my baby does look innocent.