Me & The Man

I have decided to write down OUR story,
Because this blog is about Me, and I am my husband's beLOVED.

~ As I was sitting here trying to remember the first time I actually met my husband, I found myself looking back over a long period of time 1996 to be exact, and realizing I cant really nail down an exact day.

You see our paths crossed countless times with neither one of us realizing what the future held,
are the paths we would choose to take.

The first time I remember seeing my husband would have to be Fall of 1996. I was changing school's and had just gotten back from signing out of one school. I was, how shall I say it, not very happy about this. I walked into my house, the house I grew up in, and there in my living room sat my brother, his girl friend,
and her brother(my husband).
Needless to say I paid no one any attention but oddly enough I remember he had cowboy boots on, BLEH(me gagging). Cowboy boots I might add that he still owns to this day! I went straight to my room my solace from the world.

The year passed and my brother's girl friend introduced me to a guy in her class, we started dating. He had never had a girl friend before and I ,never a boy friend. Looking back now I see the immaturity that relationship was based on. But do not regret it I learned a lot and didn't make those same mistakes, but don't worry I made plenty of other mistakes so stick around.

I would often go over to my brothers girlfriends house(Amanda) to talk ,hang out, and help her clean often times cleaning her brothers room, he was rarely home he worked environmental construction. My relationship at that time was rocky neither of us happy, but not wanting to be alone either.

Little did I know my path would cross with those mysterious cowboy boots again. This time in the summer of 1998. I had gone over to visit Amanda and it just so happened her brother was in from work. He needed her to bring him to a neighbors house to get their 3 wheeler, I rode along.
After he got out the truck, I commented "your brothers cute".
She said "you think so?", to which I replied "Yea".
Profound people very profound!

Little did I know she would later tell him the words I so carelessly uttered.

Stick around for part 2,
and leave me a comment telling me what you think.


Bri said...

what a great cliffhanger!!! can't wait to read the rest!!!