Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WiWW Segmant 6

Well this is the only outfit that I was able to get
pictures of this week.
But in all honesty I wore this outfit twice this week
On friday afternoon to go eat out.
And then again on Sunday to church.
And I made sure this week to wear pants, and not a skirt
so that my knees didn't look like hub caps?!

Tank top, Cardigan- Target ( both were $4)
Pants- Sadly Motherhood
Shoes- Target (1 of my mother's day gifts)
Necklace- Jessica N Designs
Watch- Fossil
Bracelet- Mexico

Well those jeans were in the give away pile. But because I have yet to find a pair of skinny jeans to fit this new body of mine, I pulled them back out. I hope to make a trip to Old Navy soon, mainly because I have a $10 coupon, and I plan on buying a pair of skinny's and these can go back into the give away pile!!!

And I absolutely LOVE those yellow shoes. My mom gave them to me for Mother's Day. I have almost worn them everyday since

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